Hywel Pitts fronts Llanberis indie-go-lucky band I Fight Lions, who released their eponymous debut LP in November 2013. He also pimps himself out as a singer-songwriter – and, as you’ll hear – a very good one. What a great session…
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 26
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I Fight Lions

Broadcast 12.09.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Hywel Pitts (I Fight Lions)
(Gift – Brewdog beer and a mystery Lego toy)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Stilletoes – Teimla Y Cyffro
The Immediate – Shadows & Ghosts
Warthog – Culture?
James Phillips – Give Me Wings
Kaizers Orchestra – Maestro
Hywel Pitts – Untitled (*live in session)
Forged In The Furnace Of The Sun – Equality
Soundwire – Feed Into Me
Julian Cope – A Child Is Born In Cerrig-y-Druidion
Spectralate – By The Time I Get To Pentrefoelas
Super Fast Girlie Show – Freaks
Hywel Pitts – The Sun The Stars The Moon (*live in session)
Sleep Beggar – Saltwater
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Depraved State – Contempt
Duncan Black – Debunker
Imperial Pompadours – The Crusher
Hywel Pitts – Just One Man (*live in session)
The Peakz – Say You Know Me
Melys – Baby Burn
Bright Young People – Solitude
Army Of Crows – God Within
John Lawrence – The River
Goldblade – Black Elvis
Datblygu – Bywoliaeth
Der Bomber – Mediterranean
Chemical Town – C’mon Let’s Go
BBR – No More Room In Hell
Boycott The Baptist – Happiness Is A Loaded Pun
A Blue Flame – The Day When Time Slowed Down
TEETH CRACK – Mongrel (Skinflick mix)
Devo – Gates Of Steel
FFUG – Llosgwch Y Ty i Lawr
HABITS – Knife Fight
STUNTFACE – Commando-A-Go-Go