Gary Roberts of Courteous Thief is guest on the show and delivers a fine acoustic session amongst a watershed of great music. Their new album ‘Beyond These Walls’ is available now and check out the ace video to their latest single Once Burnt.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 22

Broadcast 14.08.16 (22.00 – 00.00)
Sunday night show instead of Monday due to gig commitments.

Guest – Gary Roberts (Courteous Thief) (pre-recorded session)
(Gift – sweet bugger all)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Gallops – Bromden
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years A Day
Miracle Glass Company – The Hidden Light
Bruja – Fox Sox
PEARS – Green Star
Gary Roberts – Symphony (*live in session)
Maines – Parallax
Carl Kavorkian – ReapEat
Bendith – Danybanc
Worst Case Scenario – More Than Friends
A Blue Flame – The Girl Inside Of You
Cats & Crows – Territorial Pissings
Queer’d Science – Territorial Pissings
Gary Roberts – Once Burnt (*live in session)
Gary Roberts – The Deepest Oceans (*live in session)
Cress – Dole
Sisters Of Mercy – Ribbons (Paul Hammond mix)
Cold Meat – Au Naturel
STUNTFACE – Life Is Loud
A Hundred Million – Master Of the Ship You Painted
Bright Young People – Down The Magic
Global Parasite – Brain Decay
Chupa Cabra – Mouths To Feed
Ash Pulco – Running Up A Descending Escalator
Dead Church – Bleak
Lovers Open Fire – Circa
Mr Phormula – Anghofiwch
PLASTIC – My Ashtray Mouth
Fiona & Gorwel Owen – Releasing Birds
Dr Phibes & House Of Wax Equations – Misdiagnosedive
HABITS – To Old Love & Dead Friends
The Dharma Violets – Lights On, Nobody Home