Abby Butler1
Broadcast 30.05.16 (22.00 – 00.00)

Guest – Abby Butler
(Gift – Steve Rastin)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Ruts/Ruts DC – Psychic Attack
Cult Of Free Love – Interpretations Of Love II
Totem Terrors – Tick Tock
ZOMBIE MET GIRL – Mail Order Bride
Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
Abby Butler – Divided (*live in session)
Hard Charger – Brain Suck
Ian Rush – Calzaghe
FFUG – Love Is Stupid
Anhrefn – Action Man
Attila The Stockbroker – Farageland
SSS – New Dogs
The Filthy Spectacula – Drinkski Song
Deferred Sucess (Doozer McDooze) – I Don’t Wanna Go Home
Tymon Dogg – Lose This Skin
Visage – Fade To Grey (Paul Hammond remix) (free download)
Los Muchachos – Hola Bore Da
James Phillips – Happy Song
Fuck Your Haircut – We Are Bernard’s Watch
Abby Butler – Odyssey (*live in session)
Abby Butler – Eclipse (*live in session)
The Mayors – Get Me To The Morgue On Time
Dirty Vertebrae – Rebellion
Defcon Zero – Music, Gluesniffers, Terrorists & The Mentally Ill
Paradox – (Menchlichkeit Ist) Zu Teuer
The Wobbly Hearts – Damned Suckers Luck
Winabego – Dal Fi Fyny
Mr Huw – Caeth i Rhyddid
Evils – Banjo-Uke Blues
Exit Strategy – Dead Zone
Rash Decision – EST
Emily – Stumble
Bluebottle Veins – Raindrop Blues
Tong Po – Fallout
Normal Shed Uses – Popes & Kings