Miracle Glass Company
I was going to head to Wrexfest for a night of local heroism, but I just caught the name of the act playing Telfords and it intrigued me. A quick shifty at YouTube was enough to convince me to stay on the A55 and take in something new rather than the tried, trusted and tested.

Local psychedelic-soundscapers Lights That Change were just alighting the stage as I alighted the steps and into this glorious building. I later learned the bassist is Ritzy’s (Joy Formidable) dad and the guitarist produced Tim & Sam’s Band and Golden Fable. OK, granted, all drummers are cunts, but bands who use drum machines do grate on me… It removes the life and soul of a live band, and it showed on stage. Their sound came across as Enya fronting a demo-level Porcupine Tree with a drum machine, with some cool moments, but a bit scarce. Maybe it was just a gremlin-agitated night, because on record they are majestic, goth-Cure-like, sweeping and enchanting (apart from the OMD cover)…

Enter Edinburgh’s Miracle Glass Company… Three regular guys, one still in his jacket; at ease with themselves, their instruments and their appreciative audience. This is sixties B-side psychedelia… It was an entire genre at the time that was only realised decades later. Created by beat combos and pop bands who were given scope to experiment a little on the B-side of their singles. Check out the compilation series ‘The Rubble Collection’ (if you can afford it) – it’s a treasure trove of forgotten acts from that era; many of whom were flops at the time.
Miracle Glass Company are like one of those bands (or perhaps all of them). It’s not as if they’re trying to be a sixties influenced band, it’s as if the sixties found them. Melody, groove and panache takes us on a journey through strawberry fields surrounding the UFO Club. From Pretty Things sounding three minute warped pop songs to Albatrossic chilled out vibe ridden beauties.
Richard (of Future Exits) and myself both stood there, green with guitar envy as MGC’s guitarist went through his fretboard like it wasn’t there. We both agreed he was a complete twat… Where I have to fight every chord I play, this guy could’ve rolled a joint, navigated the Horseshoe Pass and tied his shoelaces whilst knocking out note after perfect note.

Check out MGC’s triple single release of 2016 – Three singles released in three months Higher Than High, Big Beat and The Hidden Light
My favourite new band…