A bit of a biased month on the playlist front as I found myself consumed by Hookworms – both Pearl Mystic and Hum album – wonderful stuff.     

Other stuff on heavy rotation not recorded above because it’s on vinyl or because LastFM was down are The Rubble Collection – a great 20 disc box set of obscure psychedelic b-sides from the late 60s. Well worth getting your grubby mitts on.
Also been smashing the new single Wazo by Hippies vs Ghosts which is Owain from We Are Animal and on the Too Pure singles club.

Picked up a couple of singles by Holyhead post-punk band The Modernaires, having found the album online and downloaded. These two singles came out in 1981 on Illuminated Records. The band eventually became Y Brodyr.

Again, although having their stuff in digital form, there’s nothing like ‘owning’ music by bands, so after seeing Seazoo in Telfords the other week, I took the opportunity to snap up their 3 poptastic singles in physical form, along with a Teazoo mug.

On the same night I shelled out 18 nicker on a double vinyl LP by Goat – on a whim from a VOD MUSIC stall at Telfords. Heard a track on a Mojo comp CD, so took the plunge – must admit the jury is still on this one though.

This compilation CD arrived from Steve of Ripping Thrash fanzine – who has been battling for the cause since the late 80s. Always one for seeking out new life and new civilisations, this is a collection of recordings from the 80s – mainly east European thrash punk bands. Ace.

Got my hands on this 12″ c1985 by Rhyl’s Mercenary Skank – their second release and they imploded soon after. Had the tracks on the PC for a few years thanks to the band’s bassist Graham Bevins and finally got this via Spain.

A band with a name really hard to search on Google The Earth debut album is simply soulful. Mark Roberts, that song machine behind Y Cyrff, Catatonia, Sherbet Antlers, Ffyrc just keeps on keeping on dishing out high quality songs.

Also Bangor’s Cian Ciaran doled out this album They Are Nothing Without Us – not what I expected… Not sure what I was expecting anyway, but the definite SFA tinge here and there… I was expected more dancey-spacey stuff, which is there amongst this mixed bag.

An Iron Lung release by American hardcore band S.H.I.T. – this grey vinyl single is better as an art form than the actual music.

The month – the year! – began with this beauty – 12″ vinyl album and long awaited from Bangor’s Heldinky – on Alan Holmes’ Turquoise Coal Records (review).

And finally – after seeing Sleep Beggar and JE Double F for the first time last week, I came back with this little haul (and a t-shirt). Pseudo-dark-hop – that’s what it is…!