Neil Crud was today a guest on Rhys Mwyn’s radio show on MonFM.
As well as playing these great songs they gassed for two hours about the history of Welsh alternative music (their version!)
See playlist below…

1. 60 Ft Dolls ‘Pig Valentine’
2. Seventeen ‘Bank Holiday Weekend’
3. Y Cyrff  ‘Yr Haint’
4. Kentucky AFC ‘Bodlon’
5. Lovers Open Fire ‘The Ninth’
6. Melys ‘Chinese Whispers’
7. Alun Tanlan ‘Glaw’
8. Ectogram ‘Herald Speke’
9. Llwybr Llaethog ‘Prydferthwch’
10. Big Leaves ‘Hwyrnos’
11. Affiction ‘Good People’
12. Datblygu ‘Braidd’
13. Manic Street Preachers ‘Little Baby Nothing’
14. Datblygu ‘Casserole’
15. Gobow ‘Hector’