Almost six weeks since I met these girls from Brazil in the Czech Republic on their first ever Euro date at Obscene Extreme, they have continued their travels and wound their way via a thrashing trail of destruction across Europe to Liverpool and another chance to see them. They played with such effectiveness and obvious passion over there, and added to an amazing festival day including Hirax, Terrorizer and Obituary too, that I’d been recommending them far and wide to folks over here.

So we had a carload to go up to Liverpool on the Sunday night, and the unusual circumstances of the Lomax. Been to a good few gigs here over the years but the club is currently in limbo, with the management “detained” elsewhere, and us paying a fiver donation to be allowed to bring our own booze in. I didn’t mind at all as it was going to the fighting fund to keep the place going , and as so many venues are struggling or shutting at the moment just pleased it was available at all for this. And as it was only a fiver in for five bands it was a bargain anyway.

Had managed to miss the openers so started with locals Exiled’s impressively relentless thrash set. I think they were pushed for time in their slot so just banged on with no gaps and a tight gallop through heavy and fast riffing, a cover of Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” swept along in the mayhem too. There was some progressive touches in there, bass fills and the likes, but the core at their strength was some powerful rhythms. Good stuff from a young band, look forward to playing alongside them in Lancaster next month.

The Bendal Interlude seem to turn up at entirely random interludes over the years, often also here in their home town and, as I found out chatting after, that adds up to about 12 years in total. In apparently conserving their energies they always put in a solid, raw performance of their stoner, sludge mix that goes off on some quite chaotic tangents but is always interesting and enjoyable. I love the mix of samples worked in as well, something they’ve gone further with in their connected project Chinsniffer.

Derision I am used to facing but had caught the band of that name down at Hammerfest in Pwllheli a couple of years back and had been impressed enough with the Wigan crew to pick up their debut album “Ancient”. That and their performance is a tight and pretty polished affair, they come across as being an organised set-up even if they have had line-up change ructions recently. Mixing fierce heads down riffing and roaring with more skilfully melodic changes of pace, there’s a massive energy to their delivery. Punchy breaks and a real powerhouse of a vocalist highlight the strength of the band, well worth checking again, they are back at Hammerfest next spring.

I’d taken the opportunity to renew acquaintance with the headliners already at the merch, and they were still absolutely buzzing of the opportunity of this tour giving them the time of their lives, and they included this pilgrimage to Liverpool within that. They’re only a three piece but from the off their collective impact is spot on, charging riffs with battering power and pace. Lead vocals and bass tear along with a nod to Jon Tardy but excellent vocal hooks of straightforward celebrations like “Death” and “Into Moshpit”, guitar seems more laidback but belies the furious speed of the riffing, while the drumming provides the backbone to it all, amazing energy. Whether they are safe in a generic sense, perhaps familiar elements of early Kreator in there, or have simply distilled some prime ingredients of the style, doesn’t matter at all when it is conveyed and shared with such enthusiasm. We must have got most of their “Victim of Yourself” album as I don’t know how much other material they have beyond that, but it all turns into a great thashtastic celebration by the end. Beaming faces all round, a great gig full stop. They are off to play some pub in the metropolis of Evesham the next night but I don’t doubt they will still be loving the experience and giving it 100%. Hail to Brasil!