Everything in the garden turned out rosy for this great collection of bands illustrating many tangents of progressive punk/post metal vibes, headed up by another visit to these shores to spread their bad seeds by the headliners over from Strasbourg in France. I would have been tempted to head over to this anyway but blagging my own band Emissaries onto the bill was a last minute bonus. Needless to say we are the best band you have never heard, but there was some good feedback to our grind’n’roll stylings and we were more than chuffed.

Glarus (above) are the new project of Sacha formerly of the excellent raw hardcore act Hammers, he was also promoting for the first time in a while this gig tonight so it was good to see a strong turnout. Having the other two guys from his previous band plus a new bassist gave them some familiar confidence and experience on stage but the music was much more expansive than their previous efforts, lots of effected guitars and sung vocals giving it a soaring post-metal aspect.
Not to say they didn’t drop to some harsher, angrier sections at time, but the whole thing came across as a really intriguing and fresh sound so I’d be up for hearing more.

Amplifighters (above) from Leeds were more conventional in their approach but none the less enjoyable. A three-piece with a massively heavy driving vibe running through their mix of punk and metal. They might not have had this band up and running long but they must have had some reasonable past experience as it was a really solid performance.
I felt there was a big slice of High on Fire in their sound with their charging Motorhead-ish riffing, but also they undoubtedly nodded or thrashed towards some of the dark, melodic crust of the likes of Tragedy. Powerful vocals and the whole thing delivered wholeheartedly, they are apparently going into the studio soon to get some of this material down, look forward to it.

Finally Geranium (above and top), to pretty much wipe the floor with all that has gone before. A really jaw-dropping intensity and passion to their performance, a transformation from the mellow guys who we had been chatting to before. The two guitars play on the floor while the new bassist strides the stage and the drummer provides a focal point and eye of the storm of furious crusty hardcore they unleash.
His technical speed is fantastic but they don’t just rely on flat out onslaught, they take time to deliver more atmospheric post-metal layered build ups before the inevitable explosions come again. Having three-way vocal interactions really works as well, giving a sense of balance and diversity within the mix too.
This distortion at pace barrelling along at the heart of their sound is right up my street, phenomenal band.  over all to quick, but leave a warm glow in the heart as well as a face melted off.  I would have bought the album but as it has sold out will have to wait for a repress. Hurry up and grow some more!