Swansea is a pretty shitty city. Far from shitty and a little bit pretty are native psychedelic space-age shoegazing White Noise Sound.
They first appeared on the edge of time in 2006 with the (still often played) Blood EP – a swirl of sonic sedation that can carry you away on a magic bus that follows a snail trail.
The self titled and damn fine 2010 début album continued that quest with a bit of Black Angels dust sprinkled on top, then things went a bit quiet until last year when the single Heavy Echo preceded the 2015 album ‘Like A Pyramid Of Fire’.

It’s not so much a step in a more commercial direction, more of a toe dipping exercise aimed at songs with a bit more structure, bit more drums, bit more vocals – they still having that WNS psychedelic feel running through them, like Jesus & Mary Chain being played through a sound kaleidoscope.

Their live show at Telfords Warehouse in Chester kind of projected that feel – it was like a pyramid of fire, albeit (for me) a frustrating and very short one!
The six of them squeezed onto the stage; three guitars, impressive keyboards, solid drums and an excellent bassist.
They played their fine songs to a small but appreciative audience, there were highs and lows as they swooped across soundscapes, through purple clouds and colourful rain and I guess my frustration was a selfish one… I wanted psychedelic visuals, even just a couple of bubble projectors and no other lighting, which would have created an atmosphere to compliment that white noise sound of theirs.
And also a ‘one song set’, as in sonic segues between each number. That’s not a complaint, just a suggestion to ramp up the live show.

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