The Vic in Wrexham is under threat of closure due to Council cutbacks in their youth service programs.  Now the campaign to keep it open has been brought to the attention of former Undertones frontman Feargal Sharkey.

Feargal Sharkey has backed the campaign stating his disappointment over the threat. Famous for the hits Teenage Kicks, Jimmy Jimmy, and his solo chart topper,  A Good Heart, Feargal was guest of honour when the studio opened in 2006, calling it ‘The beating heart of the town’s music scene.’

Vic Studios have been a valuable resource for all up and coming musicians in and around the Wrexham area for a number of years, providing help and assistance to aspiring artists, a place for bands to practice and somewhere you can record your music without paying extortionate prices.
It is of no coincidence that the music scene in the area has been so healthy and vibrant, with countless talented bands making a name for themselves.

Without the Vic, the 400+ people who use it every year will have to travel further, pay more and transport all their own gear to somewhere further afield, at a higher price. Musicians young and old use the Vic, people have travelled to record a demo here, and many bands use it weekly for rehearsals, so why stand idly by and let a resource you use, or your friends may use, get closed down.

I guarantee in a few years, you’ll be asking for a place to rehearse and saying “I wish the Vic still had practice rooms”.

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