From the gutter in Rhyl to the bright lights of London, Bright Young People kick the beggar on the sidewalk, flick the V’s at the cameras and act cooler than cool in the name of rock and roll… Make that dirty rock and roll. Their debut (proper) 5 track EP gives a nod to sunny Rhyl with the title ‘Sunshine Town EP’ and is loud, gritty and uncompromising with it’s Stooges swagger and spit you in the face attitude. (itunes)

In complete contrast, and I mean COMPLETE CONTRAST, come Mexican Walking Fish, fronted by Dyserth native, Kyle Lee. He and the band have launched ‘When We’re Lost EP’ as the first release on their own Americana Country Club label, which aspires to be a singles club. I can’t think of anything better to kick start a label than these five melancholy soaked tracks. It’s spaghetti western bordering nervous breakdown and a voice like liquid ginger that Bobby Gillespie could only dream of having. A slower version of Remember Me To Mum tops the pile and An Ode To Colin sounds so much like a Carl Gintis composition that it probably is; given the connection. (website)

Ripping apart my speakers like a Wat Tyler drinking song come Saltwater Injection with their pending release on Antipop Records (30.03.15) – the two track promo by this two piece band holds no bars with it’s drum and bass played as drums and bass should be… Real drums and real distorted bass! Vinegar is a foot stomping, head banging, throat tearing beast, while their party piece Cuntryfile has the catchy chorus of ‘Cameron is a cunt, he’s a fucking cunt…’ – They’re blummin’ right you know!! (antipop)

Although sounding like an ace low budget 80s recording – Ceffylau Lliwgar are bang up to date and have released Fukushima to coincide with the visit of former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to Anglesey. They presented their release to Mr Kan as a part of Pawb’s campaign against Wylfa B Nuclear Power Station.

Golden Fable have a new single out on 23.03.15 called Lifeline (bandcamp).

The Chillingtons from Bethesda are back in action in the studio and have released Pretty Lies as a teaser (listen).

Vertigo Bay have released a slick track via iTunes to buy and soundcloud to hear called Angels.

Talking of slick – Holyhead’s HolyCoves are back in the studio and working on a follow up to their excellent debut album Peruvian Vacation, and in the meantime, they’ve made that album free to stream via their soundcloud.