A cold, blustery Thursday night in Rhyl in January with a ‘party’ gig tomorrow (featuring one of the bands playing tonight) and The Mexican Walking Fish playing on Saturday. These facts don’t bode well for a ‘low-key’ gig at The North – however, it turned out to be a little corker.
A Thursday along the coast is a unique day. In Bangor it’s Rare Bear Thursday as all the freaks, klondykes and klutzies come out to play during daylight hours. In Colwyn Bay the mobility scooters merge into the shopping centre as a sea of grey hair descends upon the living to spend their hard earned pensions.
In Rhyl, it was always traditionally Dole Day – where the recipients would be on a charge to blow their handout in a single weekend – starting on Thursday…

Times of course change (in Rhyl anyway) and the doleys, the chavs, the dropouts and the druggies now prefer to intimidate the staff at Wetherspoons, leaving those at The North generally unscathed.

Making their live bow amid a flurry of Facebook hype and promotion is Terminal Voyeurs featuring Psycodeth‘s guitarist Sam Evans and that Dirty Vulture promoter James Barrington-Cooper… And the one thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is that this band are going to go out all guns blazing and be playing to the rare bears, the pensioners and the chavs… ‘Have band, will gig.’
Cutting through the abortion of noise, the soundman spazzing out with the delay button and the obvious first gig nerves, you can see that Terminal Voyeurs are about playing it a bit differently. It’s dark-goth-psychedelic-metal and when it was together it was superglue – evidently a work in progress, but cool phasing guitars, Killing Joke drums, a six-string bassist (flash get!) and off-key chant-along vocals show the promise of things to come.
Judging by the amount of gigs already lined up, those promising things are going to coming PDQ! – (Note to aspiring bands… Gig gig gig… you can rehearse by gigging, there’s no better experience; even if it’s to Klondyke Kate and her Klutzy sister).
(Terminal Voyeurs)

Enter Bad Earth, I’m not sure how long these Denbigh freaks have been going but the sign above the door says, ‘Bad Earth – We Don’t Fuck About’ – and fuck about they didn’t…
Slick, mean and professional, (I say professional as in their delivery, not the fact that they’ll be paid petrol money for tonight – hardly a profession!).
They call themselves stoner rock – but apart from their stoner appearance, there’s very little else to compare them to a genre that sits nicely amongst many others.
Speed freak stoner is perhaps a better description… Stoner Thrash? – They owe more to Primus, Megadeth and Slayer than The Steppes. It’s steak driven guitar music, as in, full blooded and meaty riffs, chugging on all four, as does the battered old bus I can imagine they live in.
It’s a great set, I love the fact it’s about the riffage and not about guitar wankery. The orange cordial I was drinking during this long and dry January kept me at bay as the crowd got excited enough to join in and hoist band members on their shoulders. Bad Earth return the compliment.
Well worth checking out… And long awaited recordings must be on the horizon PLEASE..!!
(Bad Earth)