No need for a Parental Advisory sticker on this new single from Wrexham’s Gobow, a Public Health Warning would be more fitting. If Hector was an earthquake it would render Richter redundant. It is like a confused storm; Hector is warm, cold, sometimes beautiful and also absolutely ferocious. 
When that chorus smashes in, you’re swept away, head over heels within a tsunamic carnage. Every bone is broken and your body is contorted beyond recognition, but yet you feel only euphoric pain.
The band formerly known as Orient Machine, have thrice delayed this single and it finally surfaces today with a new band name Gobow.
Like all Orient Machine / Gobow material I have not a clue what they’re singing about, ‘Living without, living without..’ is about all I can decipher of a language that Google Translate nor a Babel Fish could work out… but you don’t need to know the words as they say so much through the medium of guitars and drums.
This is the long awaited single off the long awaited album. Gobow’s music quite often portrays a bleak sci-fi Terminator future of the world but with glimmers of light. A dark forsaken place; It’s a grim hospital where we are the patients and they wait until we’ve flat-lined, the nurse is about to switch off the life support, but then we’re drip fed another dose of hope…
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while Gobow are here we might as well dance…
Hector is out on Feb 23rd.