Atlas Will Atone deliver their début [proper] six track EP on 27th Feb, via the usual Bandcamp and iTunes outlets as well as a hundred physical copies on CD for you to hold, play and own.
Lead track Blind Ambition has it all, gusto, angst, melody, muscle and just the right length. I state the length as bands of this genre more often than not try and write concept songs when they could produce two or three pretty neat individual ones! Thankfully Atlas Will Atone keep ’em short(ish) and (bitter)sweet. 

Brilliantly recorded, brilliantly executed and brilliantly played with cool vocals both sung and screamed til Sion is blue in the face, this eponymous EP is something any band would be proud of.
I’m not really a fan of post-hardcore metal rock but I can appreciate these Bangor / Llangefni beat boys for their track Hollow alone (and the neat fade into the barbarous Deadweight).
Drift is basically a delicate opening for the final track Midnight Oil which, up to a point is very Porcupine Tree-esq before raging into Bastions-cum-Zebedy, a great crescendo to a damn fine debut release.

In the good old days this would have made an ace 12″ EP release – imagine that nice big front pic!
(The Book of Face)