Bad sex by bad people, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion are parasitic sleaze bums who were rejected extras for a panto version of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
Spawned from the loins of Damien Sayell who quit Homespun, quit Rhyl, took more drugs than a touring funk band and woke up in Bristol convinced the revolution was a hoax.
He had come too far to focus on the positives and instead found other lost souls to form a band… ‘A Hundred Years A Day’ is the result of queuing for handouts, dressing as the Elephant Man and soup.
As soon as Thanks But The Answer’s No kicks in and starts bouncing across your room, you quickly clunk-click your seatbelt, pray that Jim’ll never fucking fix it and prepare for a white  knuckle ride. There are slight let ups from the onslaught, like When I See A Sycophant Fly which throbs along like a fucked up Fall covering Klaus Kinski. And Sex Dungeons And Dragons which sails close to Mclusky covering Fever.
Comparisons apart, TSPSI sound very much like TSPSI and more power to them for their incendiary songs, and if seen live, like a rag to a red bull you may not get out alive.
Wait til you hear the title track… Fucking ace…

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