“When the seasonality of grapes are questioned, an unfortunate passer by must embark on a voyage of self discovery and overcome an evil syndicate of masked radicals to ensure the future of shed-kin”

I’m forever a cynic when it comes to bands trying to push their noses in front of my 50 yard stare. Quite odd really as I love discovering new music… But it’s the discovering I like as much as the music; as in, me finding it for myself.
So when Dead Shed Jokers and promoters alike are telling me to listen to them I say ‘OK’ but inwardly curse them for disturbing my inner-being…

Fear not… Dead Shed Jokers not only rock my world, they are the tank that drove through your house. And while you have the misfortune to be in that state, this band will laugh at you as your world falls apart and smash into the next house.

I can’t fault this album and on April 13th neither will you.
It’s bang up to date hard Them Crooked Zappa-esq rock played in the 1970s without any hint of wankery. The singer has the flamboyance of a pantomime villain, but with Love/Hate tattoos hidden under his knuckle-dusters.
It’s a Broadway musical in it’s full show-stopping, foot-tapping, high-kicking, shoulder-shimmying, ass-kicking, head-banging glory.
Let’s take The Memoirs Of Mr Bryant as an example, Alice Cooper Killer era would have been proud of these twists, these turns and that ground shaking finale – fucking da iawn boys!

Probably one the best studio recordings you’ll hear! A sound many strive for but very few achieve, it’s loud at low volume, turn it up and it’ll scrape out your pitiful brain.
From Dafydd’s Song to Love Is The Diseased to Exit Stage Left (Applause), Dead Shed Jokers is not an album, it’s a work of art. A fucking masterpiece…

Escaping from Merthyr, Dead Shed Jokers are touring this, their second album, dismantling venues in their wake. I’ll be seeing them in Focus Wales in April.

If being beaten with dildos is your forte, then check out this video… what the hell, we’re all gonna die some day.