Bangor’s Fay Ray are one of the great lost new wave bands…
What a great video to go with a great song…

Named after photographer William Wegman’s dog, they debuted in 1980 with the 7″ single “Family Affairs” (Surrey Sound Records) and three live tracks on a 101 Live Letters compilation.
They signed to Elektra/Warner Brothers and released “Contact You” in 1982. The record did not sell. A follow-up was recorded but the label pulled the plug and kept the masters. The record was not released and the band broke up.
There was a rumour that “Contact You” was to be released on CD (c2007) along with bonus tracks. Did this happen..?

Fay Ray were:
Sheila McCartney (Brook) – vocals, guitar organ (now in Turnstone)
John Lovering – guitars (now a professor at Cardiff University)
Owen Hughes – drums (he of Cob Records, Bangor)
Tony Travis – bass, backing vocals
Jeff Taylor – saxaphone, accordion, flute, backing vocals