eye of solitude liverpool

So, spoilt for choice with the selection of events on this day, I needed a lunchtime finish in work to fit it all in.  I hadn’t been to a Deathwave Promotions event for a while, for despite bringing underground death metal and its ilk to the area on a monthly basis some of the recent ones had been a bit too obscure or unremarkable even for my warped tastes.  However, hearing a track from the new Eye of Solitude (above) release with the Zero Tolerance CD I was properly struck with them being something out of the ordinary.

It had been ages since my free time had coincided with a Jolly Boys outing to dismal Chester but that was a treat in itself for an afternoon warm-up, topped off with a bottle of Jack Daniels to make sure we didn’t lose our stride on the next train journey up to Liverpool.  It certainly went quickly.  Went our separate ways and got to the venue quickly but either I missed the first support band, Twilight’s Embrace from Nottingham  or I couldn’t see through the haze of fumes rising from my beard.  Anyway focus returned soon enough to see that there was an excellent turnout despite the competing gigs on tonight.

All the way from Belgium, Marche Funebre are amiable enough despite pedalling pretty miserable stripped down proto-doom/death stylings.  The overall sound isn’t the strongest (they are temporarily missing a couple of members apparently)  but all the elements come through OK so that does give some interest to the structures as they shift from the distorted stuff into more drawn out slow sections that have quite a retro feel.

Bringing their black metal from the somewhat flat depths of East Anglia, The Infernal Sea’s (below) level of experience from time in previous bands and honing their craft is evident.  Completely new to me and all the more a joyous dark discovery for that, with an excellent blend of harsh blasting and raw screaming seamlessly evolving into moving atmospheric passages.  A real confidence in their material and performance, I pick up their sexy marbled 7” split and a gorgeously packaged CD, my senses are replete!

the infernal sea liverpool

The same confidence in the ability to inflict masterfully controlled exquisite noise and pain emanates from the London based headliners Eye of Solitude.  What I had heard previously put me in mind of early Dying Bride with their morose mix of pummelling deathly heaviness and anguished emotional interludes but really the full experience live travelled beyond this. The range and quality of the vocals was amazing, from arguably operatic in style to the filthiest subterranean levels occupied by the likes of Evoken or Mortician, and again there was a real innovation and capture of the attention with the brooding music within such a relatively tight genre.  They seemed happy and appreciative of the support they got, I was certainly glad to give it

With a later finish than the other gig I’d left the other reprobates to return home without me on the train as I was gratefully receiving a lift back.  A real quality evening that cut through the blurriness, look forward to more apocalyptic revelations here in the coming months

photos courtesy of Phil Vidamour Photography