I dunno whether their name is about lovers shooting people or a couple’s roaring log fire, but what I do know is that this is a very full on entertaining band…
Now I may be accused of seeing their world through Hobgoblin tinted glasses, having sampled Chester’s finest establishments throughout the day in anticipation of a night of ace music courtesy of this Oxjam Two Day Event across the city.
Despite there being a whole roster of ace bands playing, we somehow managed to miss most of them through inebriated time mismanagement..! We saw a fast and furious late set by the ever-excellent Orient Machine at the Live Rooms, and caught a bit of the electro-magnificence of Jed is Dead and the final two songs of the pure pop pristine that is Baby Brave.

Lovers Open Fire
(pic by tim griff)

Lovers Open Fire sprang onto the stage of life at the turn of the year, having stubbed out their Fag Machine in 2013… And after witnessing them for the first time tonight, I now fully understand the level of impact they’ve made on the scene in such a short space.
I love dirty rock and roll and this band are filthy, with stinking riffs and stomping tunes and a wired front man that could walk into any band he chose… Thankfully he’s just signed a long term contract with Wrexham’s Lovers Open Fire…
Creating a focal point for all your desires he sweats, he spits, he bleeds the songs, like  an ADHD Brett Anderson smashed on Ritalin and Rohypnol, one who could spontaneously combust mid-song.

Their debut EP ‘Live Dinner Theatre’ is ace and gets regular airings on Crud Radio, but it only tells half the story… Live and on stage you get the full hit, wham, bam thank you mam… I left with two legs in a suitcase.. Brilliant stuff…