After the previous night of Death Metal Gore this was far more Hardcore Metal Death – SSS (Silly Soft Scousers) have been knocking around for nigh on 10 years, and I’ve played them on my old Crud Casts a few times (despite only possessing two songs!). And to be honest, after all the rats and gore of last night, it was refreshing to have some bone crushing American old skool style suicidal hardcore punk to throw each other about to…The Boys
To get to The Kazimer, which is one of Liverpool’s best venues, we have to travel back to Bangor at 10.30am when Tim picked me up and we headed to the station (via Wetherspoons), we boarded the train, met Steve Sync who tagged along from Rhyl station, had a hearty midday meal at The Albion in Chester, then joined by MWJ for some Wheat Beer at 2pm, then by Robin Reliant at 5pm at The Pied Bull soon followed by Mic who trained it up from Oxford, then by Elliot and Ben for the train to Liverpool… Or was it Mecca…? (House..!)

If I’m honest, it was all a bit of a 4.5% blur by the time we hit The Pool, and I’m glad at least one of us knew the way.
By the time we’d paid our dues Divine Chaos (I think) were just about wrapping up their set which by all accounts was divine thrashed out chaos..!

Local anti-pop heroes SSS (above & main pic) took to the stage brimming with the confidence of a band in their prime as they smashed twenty plus songs in a 40 minute set. We moshed, we slammed, we fell, we threw, we circled, we laughed, we drank, we pogoed and we jived for the duration. We were all children of the night… What a fucking great laugh…
They are three albums to the good now and a shit load of singles, split-singles and compilation appearances… Be sure (like me) to seek out their back catalogue while looking forward to their fourth album this spring on Prosthetic Records.
It’d be great to witness SSS at an outdoor party in a Lost Boys type of scene, hundreds of punks just having fun, fires burning in bins, skateboard competitions, little sub-parties going on, kids running around, free beer… Ok, time to stop dreaming… (website)

Gama Bomb
Gama Bomb
 – I knew nothing of, apart they’re from Ireland and I was also aware that we had the last train to catch… We saw enough of them (half their set) to know their feet were definitely in the Slayer Maiden end of the spectrum as they slashed their way through their repertoire, with strong clear vocals, plenty of backing chants and a rifftastic guitarist so fast the twat was on fire! What I knew of them as we reluctantly left was they’re really fucking top class. (website)

Gama poster
‘Hey get your feet off the seats!’ Demanded the guard on the train.
‘Alright, alright, keep your Alans on!’
‘Less of the lip!’
He was very aggressive, so we started singing Donna Summer’s I Feel Love to him, which resulted in threatening to throw us off at the next stop, this so happened to be our stop, so we carried on singing…
He didn’t feel the love…