Baby Brave1
Having being publicly berated for being quixotically passionate about music by those who would rather see it die as it’s unimportant in their world of impotent banality, I can safely report to you that the end is not nigh.
If you read Melynwy‘s Blog he makes some very good points and some very shit points…
‘It’s stupid to think of live music as somehow being more important. Let people do what they want.’ – I totally agree with the latter half of that statement… but if live music is not important, then why is so much written about it? Why do we crave it? Why do we read so much into it..? Yes of course, music can be just music and enjoyed with no other agenda, which is the sole reason I travelled out of my comfort zone tonight, to see Baby Brave. They’re not manifesto driven, they don’t have something to say, they are pop music and they exist for music’s sake, as Melynwy quite rightly (indirectly) suggested.
BUT… I am the man ranting about empty live gigs, and I’m told I should shut the fuck up… Perhaps better still it could be interpreted that I should take this website down and the meek shall inherit the music scene…?
Absolutely, let people do what they want… But should they not at least know that music exists outside what the main media tells them (even if the band in question have nothing to say)? Should they at least be given the information that there is stuff going on? This is why I (and others) get (sometimes too) passionate about the scene.
Or should we all lay down our arms and accept ‘it is just music’ and this is a world of ever decreasing circles?
When I become too old (or middle aged) and irrelevant I will stop; at the moment at least, the traffic through this website suggests otherwise…

Dan Arnold opened up proceedings with some bad nob-gag songs and even worse covers. Good for a giggle, or a nervous smirk at least… Someone suggested that he shouldn’t give up the day job, but I’d go further to suggest that he’s probably unemployable!

Maines are seven gigs into what can be a promising career. On a mission from Wrexham, Drum With Our Hands aficionado, Andy Garside said he will riding back to his town on his horse shouting, ‘Lower the drawbridge, I have news for you all!’
He also, as I do, longed to hear Maines through a ‘real’ PA – a long running sticky-point with Rhyl gigs, but hey let’s not moan too much about things eh!
It’s always a tricky one knowing when to turn up for a gig in Rhyl; you know it’ll never start on time, but do you risk missing the opening acts? If you turn up too early and you’re also driving you’ll be unable to drink the pain away… Tonight, the timing was good and Rhyl is the perfect background for Maines with their post-apocalyptic, sub-hardcore progressive-punk sound. While they played their very short set, nothing else mattered in the whole world, because we were all barred from heaven and no one in here was getting out alive.
It was a dirty valve-amp sound, forever teetering on the feedback levels with scant shouting vocals, an animalistic drummer and a real-good, feel-good factor.
We still await their first recorded work… Maines

Baby Brave have just released their debut EP, King Horse for fledgling Wrexham label Drum With Our Hands, three quarters of which we heard tonight. Like the EP, they opened with Oyonnax, a little more laid back than on record, but it immediately grabs you and you’re hooked. There’s no turning back, no need to go to the bar, there is nothing more important than what is being played out before us from here on in.
Baby Brave evolved from an acoustic act and built around Emmi Manteau’s simply infectious pop songs. Her Lene Lovich-like voice is liquid gold, her striking Gallic looks are the focal point, and the band compliment this.
It’s a no nonsense approach; bass and drums provided by Sianio and Mike, tick along nicely while guitarist Steve Nicholls has to try very hard not over do his bit (as he would in his other projects!).
We’re treated to other songs like Sherlock and that fine closer (is it called Tokyo?). As I left, the doorman said, ‘They were really good weren’t they!’ – I agreed and hummed that last tune all the way home.

To update an old phrase…
Some say music is a matter of life and death… They’re wrong; it’s far more important than that…