TDOJM_2400‘If I ate with my eyes you’d be my dinner tonight…’ – what a great lyric in the final song Once Up A Time In Ynysmaerdy on this new album from John MOuse (formerly known as JT Mouse). 

It’s an odd collection, and if I told you it was a compilation LP of various artists, I’d forgive you for believing me. I love compilations…
Although eclectic, The Death Of John MOuse does have it’s boots firmly embedded in the Indie Camp, although we are talking C86 right through to C2014 here, taking in Pulp, Lloyd Cole, Richard Cheese, Strokes with brass and a (sometimes) humorous Ray Davies outlook on everyday shitness… ‘I was a goalkeeper then everyone grew tall..’

‘The burial of our first hamster, Baldrick.’ – Robbie Savage is a funny, yet sad tale of being a kid in a newly broken home.. Can’t help thinking of Patrick Jones, only because of the thick South Walian accent… Whereas Patrick’s output is as funny as a motorway pile-up, John MOuse can be both melancholic and humourous.

Ilka Moor tops the bill for me with its Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia (LP version) style guitar opening, before heading off into Future of The Left territory while being chased into a Bush vocal by the Wizards of Twiddly.

And The Teacher is simply inspired… ‘One tub of Sudocrem (unopened)…’ – again, a very sad tale told in a funny way… Now pass me the salt….

THE DEATH OF JOHN MOUSE   by John MOuse. Released on Crocfingers 30th June