I saw This System Kills a mere ten years ago, if I recall, they had not long formed and only played a handful of gigs… They were however, in my opinion, and in the words of link2wales reviewer MWJ, ‘Fucking brilliant.’
It was a show by showmen – it was a lesson to youngsters watching, that you can still preach your angry views and beliefs and also have a laugh.
Fast forward ten years and I had all but forgotten them… Then Scottie posted on the link2wales facebook forum that he was putting out his first release on his All Systems Go label.. None other than an EP by This System Kills – in white vinyl.

Vinyl releases in 2014 are now pieces of art, and are treated as so. You get a download code so you need never place diamond on plastic. You can simply treasure your new possession, safe in the knowledge that when El Terrorista Bastardos blow-up the internet you can take that seven inches of pure white vinyl out of its sleeve, place it on your turntable and scream the living daylights out of anyone who dares to tread near you.

This is no plod punk by numbers bollocks… As soon as Daily Dose of Hype blasts into your living room, you want to fuck your radio. Yeah, fuck 6music for making us think what they play is cutting edge, risqué and alternative… ok, it is alternative to the absolute wank that is spewed out of the arsehole of Radio One… but it’s not really alternative is it..? Not any more..
You’re not going to hear This System Kills on 6music simply because the BBC don’t do Balls To The Wall Punk Rock any more (Peel took it with him), they don’t do New Punk Rock (or metal), as in, new releases by punk bands…
You’ll hear New Rose, London Calling and Pretty Vacant until and beyond all those who wrote those songs are dead, but where is the follow up? Where is the next wave of punk rock coming from? You don’t even hear any of the second wave of punk on 6music do you?
Now, This System Kills are no spring chickens, but if releases like this are only going to stay truly underground, drowning in a multi-choice saturated world, only heard by those who choose to listen to it, rather than the passer-by in a shop hearing it on the radio then it’s all going to die out unless you’re made aware of it…
Punk protest singer Louise Distras recently made this very valid point: It’s a fact of life that in 5, 10, 20 years, these middle-aged punk rock bands who are on the scene now will not be here.
So, the very fact that ‘alternative’ radio stations do not play new punk music doesn’t bode well for the indoctrination of fresh young blood into the scene.

One listen however, to Daily Dose of Hype would be enough to turn your kids into angry punk rockers. It’s immediate, it’s brutal without being thrash, it’s abrasive, it’s angry… it’s everything you’ve ever wanted out of a punk rock song.. This System Kills have the anger of that second wave of street punk bands, the speed of latter day punk bands, the power of early punk bands, and the socio-ethics of the anarcho movement… ‘You feed the world, poison the poor, salt, fat, sugar, throw in some more’… Great stuff… More protest punk please…

Really really great stuff – Below Average is brilliant, but that’s all I’m saying… Buy it… you’ll agree… Own it… Stick it in your art gallery vinyl collection, but most importantly, play it at your kids…

£4 and  a quid for postage gets you a superbly packaged release along with a download code with two extra tracks – Contact Scottie on facebook