This compilation came out on FF Vinyl in 2004 and I guess it was intended to showcase the under current of bands in Wales (both North and South) who should have had more recognition (at the time). The bands chosen were very indie, the tracks chosen were very ‘safe’ – almost folky (Gabrielle 25)… Great for a summer’s evening, drinking wine with friends as the sun nestles in the sky. Some lovely tracks on here; The Afternoons instantly recognisable, as are Texas Radio Band with the excellent Chwaraeon. Science are ace, out of tune and quirky with Oh I Hide It Well, and Kentucky AFC offer the punchiest track with Outlaw, while JT Mouse break the rules with the truly off the wall thrashed out Numb.

This period was a good time for Welsh music (and there have been several ‘good times’) – particularly for North Wales, where a strong scene was emerging. Sadly, despite my own efforts and those of Radio Wales DJ Adam Walton to stand up and get the North counted, it was/is South Wales that holds the fistfull of dollars, has the population, has the majority of bands and has Cardiff and all its trappings.
Bands in the North at the time had to be Welsh language or move to Cardiff to get a look in, after all, the Boobytrap label was flourishing and Complete Control Music and Ciwdod Records were releasing music for fun. Complete Control even had a North Wales arm, but if it wasn’t reggae it wasn’t getting a look in…
This meant high quality bands in North Wales went adrift, were looked over, rubbed the wrong shoulders and didn’t get a look in. The all important Sessions in Wales show on BBC Radio One every Thursday night with its presenters chosen for their accents, (as were all the other Radio One regional presenters – Scotland, Ireland) was a great show for up and coming new bands, providing they fitted the previously mentioned criteria of mixing in the right circles. I guess this website is partly to blame, I didn’t / don’t rub the right shoulders, lick the right arses, I’m not in those circles telling people how great it is to see them again and how great they are, when really I hate their fucking guts…
This site has been going for 14 years now, where’s my fucking Outstanding Contribution To Welsh Music you cunts..? Ha ha..!!
Some North Wales bands did break through the South divide simply because they couldn’t be ignored. It was easy for Kentucky AFC, they played the token Welsh language songs (and were very good). Gintis couldn’t be overlooked because of the sheer publicity they were creating via myself and Walton, they unfortunately self destructed during a live broadcast and never quite recovered despite getting a slot on that Sessions in Wales show.
Global Parasite also turned up on Complete Control Records, which was a real coup for the label as the band hold many values when it comes to dealing with corporations of any kind.

So what am I getting at… I’m not sure really, just using it as an opportunity to moan about how it used to be – after all, Sessions in Wales, Boobytrap, Complete Control, Ciwdod – all gone – link2wales still here ha ha!! Maybe they should’ve heeded my musical recommendations! Although their demise is a great loss.
A member of 60ft Dolls once privately but very controversially and derogatively described how the English music press view the Welsh based music scene. The Welsh music scene in South Wales viewed North Wales in much the same way.
It was us against the world… Or, at least it felt like that for a while…