infernoh leeds

Have daytripped over to this punk festival a few times previously, this time with the bonus of playing too.  Two messy days had already been completed at the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford before the Sunday social shifted over to Leeds, and another excellent cooperative run independent venue.  Some may have fallen by the wayside on the journey, but plenty of fresh troops of tomorrow had turned up to give a healthy turnout for this rainy evening.

famine leeds

Locals Famine (above) open up, they have been creating a good stir already with their tight but tongue in cheek grind.  Impressive drumming batters things along, with some excellently heavy guitar tones, and the humorous element creeping through reminds me a bit of a harsher Dr. and the Crippens.  They’ve just put out their first EP recording for download via their bandcamp, eat it up!

Scouse Skandinavians Skitvarld (below) came expecting pyramid shaped trouble after some preceding online debate but everyone was too concerned with having fun to build up any worries.  Plus the donation of Space Raiders helped keep the peace.  Second gig for us, and pleasing levels of chaotic punk noise in a d-beat fashion were created.

skitvarld leeds

Another Leeds band was a late fill in for the excellent Endless Grinning Skulls who (not for the first time) had dropped out.  This was Los Pecadillos, in their Mexican wrestler masks, doing some odd combo of Spanish surf-punk.  All instrumental, it was groovy in its way but maybe dragged on a bit long, perhaps some even occasional vocals would have perked it up given that they seemed to have a genuine Hispanic in the group.

An unexpected bonus next, with another set from France’s Black Code (below).  They’d already played yesterday but as they didn’t have anywhere to go today before carrying on through the UK til Subvert festival in Bristol next weekend had kindly thrown in another blast of their ultra heavy crust.  As seen before down at Scumfest, a storming performance, some really powerful riffing to get the head banging, topped with earthshaking vocals.  Picked up a split 7” from them.

Finally, and also on their second set of the weekend, Infernoh (top).  Hailing from Sweden (Absolut Cunts as their t-shirt said) is generally a good thing and while still firmly within the crust genre they were strikingly different from the predecessor.  Mainly as they kept up a relentless pace to a killer (often repeated!) beat, superbly infectious and completely mangling.  Kept the bouncing energy up for the marathon sesh weekenders and much enjoyed all round.

black code leeds

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