L2W001 front
To say I’m dead chuffed would be under-statement of the year, in fact I’m skipping down the street, no longer do I have to keep it bottled up inside.
I’m proud announce the release of The Wobbly Hearts debut single AND also the debut release on Link2wales Records.

Wobbly Hearts – Boom On (With God On Our Side) / Anityme / Boom (radio edit) (cat no. L2W 001) is out today and I cannot stress how fucking good this single is and with a limited run of only 100 copies, it’s up to you how badly you want to own it..!!
Give it a listen and decide for yourself… No, I’ve decided for you… Give it a listen and then click the Buy Now Button, it’s £2.50 (inc p&p) and it will change your life… you have no choice… but what if all you’ve ever known ain’t true..?