This is why I do this website, toil for hours updating shit, tinkering with this, adding that. Then I get a random message asking if a band can send me their new single that was released on June 4th and that band turns out to be Swansea’s Soundwire and that single turns out to be Burn Deep then the whole toiling-tinkering-adding sweat, tears and blood is all the more worthwhile.

New music excites me, old music does too, but I love unearthing new stuff, love hearing new stuff, and when I hear something as good as Burn Deep there’s no stopping the party in my pants…
We have an atmospheric Requiem (Killing Joke) synth-stab opening, a lovely long intro that drifts along for a good minute before the kick drum and melody make an appearance, keeping you waiting in an almost Hawkwind Space is Deep fashion, the song doesn’t get going until 2.35min and is all the better because of that. This is serious Spacemen3 territory, which is the band Spiritualized always wanted to be (heh heh). This track  is to be featured on ‘Mind Expansion 2’ compilation album from US label Mind Expansion. I love it.. Fucking love it…

Set In Steel is more upbeat with a nice phasing ending and appears on Northern Star Records’ ‘Psychedelica 5’ compilation album, and before I knew this I was listening and thinking, ‘I must send this to Scott.’ It turns out Scott is one step ahead and I recommend ALL of the Psychedelica albums.

Feel The Sun is again upbeat with a cool reverb vocal melody, dead catchy. Vocalist Simon Court suggests ‘Dance with me’ too right fella..! It’s a psychedelic heart with an electronic pulse… (to coin a phrase)