(review n pix by neil crud, video by paul mattock)

Mucus, Skerries1
Ahh that’s better… my senses have been shook, it’s like having an MOT for your equilibrium. We left the Skerries cleansed of all the nastiness that living in a world of ‘safe’ music can throw at you. Cleansed by Mucus…!

‘My pedals have exploded so I’m gonna have to do the gig naked,’ exclaimed guitarist and occasional vocalist/grunter, Duncan Black. His guitar strap also snapped as they alighted the stage, as if the pop gods were challenging Mucus to dare to challenge the status quo [sic]. How dare they put it upon themselves to play something that isn’t indie, that isn’t punk, that isn’t rock, that isn’t pop, that isn’t conventional. Those gods again had a pop at Duncan during the finale when his E-string snapped!
Mucus are a deep rooted infection, clinging to the deepest recesses of your lungs before they are coughed up in a thrash metal maelstrom of dugga-dugga riffs, Sabbath-esq bass runs and hooks that you never want to end… and that’s just the first song!
Mucus, Skerries
It’s mainly instrumental and you understand why when Duncan attempts to growl in a Vyvyan (The Young Ones) kind of way! Ably backed by Dan Alexander on chugging guitar who’s not afraid to throw in a lick or two when the mood takes him and, as with all their stuff there’s no fret wanking, which is always a downfall of gifted guitarists.
Declan Parry, looking like Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) on his first night out after a month in Rehab, just stands there and plays bass in a time warp. There could be a wormhole back to the early seventies, where you’re at a private party, the spliffs are being rolled on nubile thighs (now then now then) and this fucking crazy rock band with loads of facial hair are jamming in the corner.. that bassist is Declan Parry.
Hidden at the back is drummer Chris Squirrel who, when introduced, stood up and waved with a camp ‘Hello’… Very funny…

The entire Mucus repertoire was here for us to behold, from the legendary Shitfist, which has also been a staple additive to Duncan’s solo live work over the years, to the excellent (and I mean EXCELLENT) reworkings of Dick Dale’s Misirlou, and the not quite as excellent, but still pretty fucking ace version of In A House In A Heartbeat, which you may know better as that haunting armageddonist tune by John Murphy used throughout the film 28 Days Later.

Forty minutes wasn’t enough and we demanded more… ‘We haven’t got anymore!’
‘Shitfist…!’ – They gave us Shitfist again, it’s only natural and your parents would disapprove… you should always play music your parents disapprove of….
Mucus, Skerries2