(review n pix by neil crud)
SPOILER ALERT: Both bands are gonna get ripped to shreds in this review…

So why review them? Read on…
Being on a whim and a prayer, I knew beforehand that I was only gonna catch half of tonight’s 4 bands so apologies to Beyond The State and Luminova, who played after.

It was a disappointment that my old adversary Geth Reynolds had injured his hand in a booth in Amsterdam resulting in Diablo Rojo pulling… err… out of tonight’s gig, so promoter John Glyn drafted in Wrexham’s The Origin to begin proceedings.
Lots of electronic gadgetary, lots of pedals, a fuzzy bass played by a Steffan from Placebo lookalike, so The Origin threatened to be interesting… and that they were… although I did feel like punching their fucking lights out after the first track Eyes On You as it was so Muse Uprising by numbers it was embarrassing – they may as well have covered it with some Glitterband and thrown in a line of Shoot The Runner (just like Muse did)! Really guys!! Please drop it, it doesn’t do you ANY justice at all…
I guess there’s a hint in their name The Origin (of Symmetary), and Bellamy et al riffs appeared throughout the set. Now Muse are a tough cookie to ape, I remember slating Llandudno band Snowblind about ten years ago for doing the falsetto stuff, and they got pretty shitty with me, as probably will The Origin, after all, I’m criticising their art. When a band spend hours in rehearsals, honing their craft and their own songs, who am I to criticise? But to have Muse as an obvious influence doesn’t work because Muse have simply raped so many bands and use EVERY cliche in the book to be the band they are today; and hats off to them, but it’s been done, they’ve become dinosaurs, they’ll be playing Olympics, Royal Weddings and Presidential campaigns next 😉 . Let’s move on…
What The Origin do possess in their other material shows promise and talent, very Laibach in their extra tribal drumming, bits of Depeche Mode / White Lies in their more subtle bits like the very likeable Blue Angels, most definitely too Muse in Autocracy,  and plenty of gusto when they choose to let rip. I would like to hear more bass – less fuzz and a louder guitar, but there’s enough in this tank to break on through to the other side and be a seriously good band full of ideas and not afraid to be a bit different..

Mohawk Radio (main pic) are interesting enough in the fact that their singer, Mia Chambray hails from Bermuda (where it most certainly doesn’t hail!). Now just because your singer comes from some exotic island 25 miles long with the highest pregnancy rate per head in the world doesn’t mean you’re any good. It’s like those non-league soccer teams a few years ago who signed this Brazilian player just because he was Brazilian, and BEFORE they had seen him play. It turns out he couldn’t play at all, he was total shit, but clever enough to use his country of origin to sign some meaty contracts with REALLY THICK football clubs!
Back to the music, Mia, thankfully is not only a good singer, she’s a fucking great singer; up there with the Ronaldos and Messis if we’re gonna be using footballing comparisons. And not only a good singer, but an outstanding front woman. Sassy, sexy, confident, full of spunk (as they say), not afraid to look you in the eye and a voice that could blow out a volcano.
The problem was that Mia’s performance drew you in so much that you don’t really recall the music, now I dunno whether that reflects the songsmithship or the fact that she’s really good. If I’m a guessing man, I guess I could draw Buckcherry as a musical comparison, and as I’m no fan of this genre, that’s probably way wide of the mark.
My gripe is with the band, yes, you have an amazing female focal point, but for fuck’s sake guys, you looked like you’d just finished your office jobs and gone straight to the pub! You’re a rock band, and by all accounts a pretty good one, so where’s the ripped jeans, cool t-shirts, big fucking boots, beanie hats, baseball caps, skinheads, long hair, mohawks (!),  tattoos and sneers? Where the fuck is Gok fucking Wan when you need a makeover?