(review n pix by mwj)

Across the snowy wastes to West Yorkshire, travelling really wasn’t that bad and the scenery great. And I wasn’t the furthest traveller as the two main bands from Scotland were coming back from London on this mini-tour, was glad to see they had made it too. As usual I’d heard a couple of their tracks on underground crust/grind compilations knocking about, and they provided plenty of incentive to trek over, in addition to the knowledge that lots of the locals would hopefully brave the elements for the warmth of some blistering riffs.
First up the only band I’d seen before, and a few times at that, Preston(area)’s The Day Man Lost. Earning respect through longevity never mind quality has seen them recently having played the Bloodshed Festival in Holland, and about to tour with Spain’s OEF highlight Looking For An Answer, they don’t hang about and blast through their set of short and sweet grindcore explosions. There’s good interplay between the drummers vocals and the wandering frontman but I don’t find the sound the best it could be initially, not that it largely detracts from a nice and raw performance.

With half the number of members (2!) Mangle from Leicester provide an even more impressive exercise in precision. Again relying on the ultra-concise onslaught they also have a fine contrast between doomily hammered out passages with deep roared vocals from the guitarist and hyperspeed technical battering with the drummers screamed vocals overlaid. It definitely intense and ultimately exciting stuff that fixes the attention, I pick up their split 7” with Sufferinfuck to listen again at leisure. Or for when I want to snap out of a leisure mood!

It’s their vinyl sharers Sufferinfuck next, who by no coincidence are also promoting another split 10” release with their co-headliners/fellow countrymen, as a junky how can I resist! From the off they hit the spot with a ferocious sound, truly raging stripped down grind bled through with a raw crust bile. Like a refined E.N.T with the added ingredient of Central Belt Scotland bleakness, the environment has definitely inspired a hatred but there is also a cutting comment within their content which pleases me all the more. I could picture them going down a storm at one of the European extreme festivals, hopefully they’ll get the chance some day.

To close, Filthpact are almost a step back from the abyss in contrast to the predecessor, but only marginally, nowhere near safety… It may not have quite the intensity of speed as it has more of the crust to their attack but they are well matched, their guitarist having provided guest vocals for the last set (and on the split). There’s a quality d-beat drummer driving it all along and the rough shout along vocals are infectious. With the promoters Active Rebellion “actively” involved with the nearby 1 in 12 this inevitably goes down well with the crowd gathered, and its great that even though this an upstairs room of a pub its another quality venue hosting this type of event. The numbers here indicate good prospects for the more of the same too, I’ll have to get a timeshare over here.