(review n pix neil crud)

Only half a day for us due to the requirement having to be in North Wales by nightfall, this meant Sham 69 and Jello Biafra both remain unticked on that very short ‘Bands Left To See Before I Die’ List. I wasn’t gonna do a review of this final day, as only seeing a couple of bands doesn’t really warrant calling it a festival review – but hey… it’s my website..!

Nice first touch of the day was hearing Global Parasite‘s Fight/Resist being blasted over the PA in The Empress Ballroom before LA’s Channel 3 took to the stage. I’ve Got A Gun is one of my favourite songs, along with the b-side tracks Mannequin and Manzanaar. It was an unusual move for No Future Records to put out that single back in the the early 80s, as it kind of broke their mould of being essentially a British Street Punk label, but I’m glad they did it.
Channel 3 looked clean cut and slick, as was their set. Strange seeing them before Beer o’Clock.

Down into that thronging sweat pit of an Arena and the Revenge of The Psychotronic Man party is already in full swing… It’s well attended, it’s been well flyered, it works! Having been to all the crevices Europe tries to hide, this is a well honed band. I caught them at the Dirty Weekend a few years ago, and they’re no strangers to North Wales and they’re keen to tell you that alcohol is not a drug, it’s a drink. RoTPM are here to party and fun… We partied, we had fun… Job done…

have been well documented by this website over the last few years and you know you’re gonna be in for a treat when they alight the stage. With the all killer no filler new LP ‘The Terror of Modern Life’ to stick in your face, they did just that. John Robb performs like every show is gonna be his last one, on the stage, in front of the crowd, on the crowd, in the crowd. The usual favourites are dotted amongst new stuff… The heathenly excellent This Means War, Shamen Are Coming, Someone Stole My Brain and sneaking in Sick/Tired after the obligatory Power of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Speaking to Phil Newall earlier, he had suggested they put the 9 minute epic title track in their set.. It might be a thought to do half of it at the start and the other half at the end of the set like The Damned used to split Curtain Call… Just a suggestion…

With time running out and equilibriums to balance and redress we took some time out to talk shit and drink punk rock tea with Wayne Stuntface / Vice Squad before catching some very fucking loud Geoffrey Oicott. Punk rock cricket boot boys The Umpire Strikes Back, Gary Thompson Yorkshire’s No.1 – ha ha cricket fighting songs, very humourous, and good music to boot too…

Talk on the street was that the best thing about The Misfits last night was their backdrop…

The Nightingales
were just hitting The Pavilion as we were saying our farewells, not many people watching them… Always been a strange one for me, Peel loved them, not sure if I did… It was/is trendy to like them… – great pic above though!!
Niall Hope said of them, ‘Can’t say that there were too many t-shirts of the Nightingales in the crowd although they did have some stuff on sale. Their indie sound featured a sparse crowd. Shame as their riff laden angular pop is a good respite.’ (check his blog)..

And that was Blackpool… see you next year… But more importantly GO OUT AND SEE SOME LIVE ORIGINAL BANDS (NOT COVERS SHIT) SOON