It’s Sunday – Day 3 of mud, canvas and great music… The wind lashed and the rain blew… Proverbial cats and dogs thumped into the tents… Each tent being a mini-republic, a territory, and the borders were getting invaded by Mother Nature.
There’s nothing motherly about nature… She’s a bitch when she wants to be, and this morning was one of those days…
Living up here in North Wales, where the mountains meet the sea you get used to being weather worn, to being kicked around and spat at by Mother Nature… To the Fairweather Revellers who had travelled from beneath that Gap in Watford, well… this was an outrage, and a fair few of the weather fairies abandoned their flooded republics and headed back to calmer climes on Sunday morning.

Despite the weather being a serious factor in Festivals, a bit of rain can also work to the advantage of a band being watched (and sometimes enjoyed) for the sole purpose of giving shelter (cue Rolling Stones), and hopefully a decent handful of the ‘smaller’ acts will have got seen by people who would’ve sat baking in the sun and getting drunk waiting for the main acts. On the other hand I missed the likes of Islet, Viv Albertine, Sen Segur, Colourama and Wire through not being able to coordinate or find them due to ‘weather rescheduling and stage moving.’

The tickets were twice the price this year… Does that mean I’m going to have twice the fun? Well… I guess so… Let’s head back to Friday and read on…
My favourite stage / tent is The Clough Stage (or The Welsh Stage if you like) – it’s kind of put together by those behind Swn Festival and features VERY IMPORTANTLY, local bands connected to the Welsh Scene. Sadly, there’s not much to represent the non-Welsh Club bands, as in, those outside The Mutual Appreciation Society, so, if you’re a regular Welsh Festival Go-er, then you’re going to be very familiar with the line-up, as THIS SAME LINE-UP has played every Welsh Language Festival for the last two years – Things need to change… Bands need to branch out, others need to be allowed in, more need to form..! But, on the plus side there are some top quality acts in this ‘club.’
Georgia Ruth
And right up there among them is the fully cantilena and gorgeous Georgia Ruth and band (band being the brothers  Cowbois Rhos Bottwnog)… Now, you’re not going to see them break into a sweat, but while it’s pissing it with rain outside, the sun is shining in here as the voice of an angel blissfully swirls around your well-being like amyl-nitrate.
OK; a bit of perspective here… Last month I was running down the back streets (Oi Oi Oi) to the Cockney Rejects, getting all hyped up about Warring On The Terraces and generally trying to be the hardest man in the mosh pit… Fast forward to Friday afternoon and I’m stood here watching some slip of kid playing a Welsh harp and singing a sad song called Blue and I’m fucking crying..! Tears streaming down my face (again)… I’ve seen plenty of bands that have reduced me to a blubbering wreck, but usually for very different reasons..!
Georgia, obviously noticing my slight embarrassment turns things slightly up tempo with the title track off her new album Week Of Pines, then that nice one about anchors… She’s warmly appreciated.
Slow Parade is an AA Bondy song, and the full band hit the notes, and if you’re gonna do a cover or two, then there’s no shame in doing songs like this (the rest of you can stick your Purple Hazes you unimaginative idiots). We get a bit of harpcore with Bones and then the set ends (as does the album) with Winter – totally compelling, completely enchanting…

Caught a bit of Dutch Uncles on the iStage and stayed around for a couple of tracks, but there wasn’t enough to keep us there, although they seemed quite popular, or people were sheltering from the rain!
We are camped next to David and Nova of Breakin’ Bread a London based Soul, Funk & Hip Hop Collective which runs a Record Label, Clubnight and Radio Show. They’re genuinely nice people (as most humans are), and it was evident they were going to have an entirely different festival to Sarah and myself, which is why a diverse festival like No.6 is so good..! I’m listening to their radio show right now, I suggest you do too!
It was also evident that once the tray of cider dried up, the remainder of the weekend was going to be a sober affair… Tony Baloney (dob 05.01.45) on the San Miguel Stall was selling cans of Warm Shame for £4.30… I became a conscientious objector and refused to part with my money. The price reflected the Motorway Service Syndrome, you’re a captive audience, it’s there for sale at an obscenely inflated price and there’s no competition; you can’t shop around. Normally I would’ve sunk a battleship, and I guess I’d have forked out a good £70-80 over the weekend on The Lord’s Piss. Instead I chose not to drink… In the words of Brother John Robb, ‘You don’t need alcohol to enjoy yourself…’ He was damn right, and Festival No.6 were wrong, and their vendors were £80 worse off for their greed… The battleship remains afloat…

Neon Neon
With Praxis Makes Perfect in the CD tray at home I was eager to tick-off Gruff Rhys‘ ‘other’ band Neon Neon, which is Gruff and Boom Bip’s project. And like band whores, the familiar faces of Mei (Race Horses) and Cate Le Bon are onstage to flesh out the line up and perform full on psychedelia.
Neon Neon take you on a trip, and if you zone with them, you’re in with them… You’ve gotta get into it if you wanna get out of it… Also add a brilliant drummer, who I’m sure Gruff had picked up at some trade show, she had to be a machine! Talking of which, Gruff is a song-machine, a factory bursting with tunes, so many, that he has to form new outlets to save himself from drowning in a psyche-avant-dance sound… As always, he’s far more articulate when singing, and Neon Neon give us 80s kitsch disco-pop that’s bang up to date historic psychofunkedelic junk skunk ballooned breakin’ bread bass ass punk rock with Welsh signage – ‘Wylfashima Dim Diolch’.

Right, before taking the vow of No Alcohol , I had a tray to clear, and I made good work of it… Unfortunately, those around me, namely, Sarah, my sister Jane and SteveF, had to endure my ranting about bar prices, denominations of £7.50 food prices, attempts to balance bar tables on coke bottles and threats to carve the C word in large letters on historic buildings (Crud!?)… Thankfully, they took me to the Clinic and these scouse weirdos cured me of my ills with their ‘soundtrack to the the TV show Ideal’ genre. My memories are sketchy; incidentally I didn’t hear the excellent Memories in their set. I sat on the foldback wedge on the stage and tentatively paid great attention to their wonderful sound – pity I don’t remember it… I got home and immediately put their album ‘Do It!’ onto my iPod – you should do it too…
Slept really well after watching Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson play records. Well… sleep isn’t the word… Unconscious is closer to the truth…