Holy living shit – this is one fuck of an angry band! I wanna go drinking with them in the badlands of Rhyl just to see every hard-knock keep their eyes to ground. I wanna go to the gym with them just to see every sted-head quietly pack up and whimper home.
I’d be mortified if my daughter came home with the vocalist and said, ‘Hi Dad, meet my new boyfriend.’ But I’m pretty fucking happy he fronts Jeffrey Uppercut, the angriest, most wound up and loudest band of the year so far.
Let’s take the final track Cunt as a prime example; let’s not mince our words, let’s not try and be clever and get the listener to work it all out, let’s just get straight to the point – ‘YOU FUCKING CUNT…’ No beating around the bush here, as subtle as a sledgehammer slamming down on a snail, and growled with a voice that comes belching out of the bowels of burning hell, or Widnes (it’s the same thing).
jeffrey uppercut
You get seven angry hardcore pissed off rants for your money and won’t feel short changed; not that  you’d dare ask for your money back – these guys make a Black Flag era Henry Rollins look like Mr Punyverse! Anyway, enough of the muscle envy, what about the music.
Music? Are you kidding? This is hardcore, strictly hardcore, as hard as a core can get without losing its objective; to be in your face and immediate. From Order 2 Disorder begins the fun with Begby from Trainspotting about to kick off in the pub, and the song kicks off itself, headbutting you then sticking a pint glass in your chops when you’re down.
Naive is in much the same vain, fast and furious, but with some cool breaks and a good switch midway through.
Streetlights again, is a 48volt powerdrill on hammer against engineering brick – the brick never stood a chance.
‘Get the fuck outta my way!’ He screams… you obediently move… while title track Live ‘ard demonstrates exactly how hardcore should be done. Great stuff…
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