Ask me what do I want the perfect band / song / sound / genre to sound like… I’ll answer The Saint Pierre Snake Invasion.
That is a review in itself… These 5 tracks, this band, this sound, this genre has everything you want in an uncompromising rock / punk / garage / grunge / dirt / scumbag / arrogant / sexually depraved / heathen / rock and roll band… They are nigh on perfection, and if your musical submarine is sinking, then allow TSPSI to float your boat.

They’ve been knocking around as a post-Homespun project by Damien Sayell ever since the Rhyl band got over sexed on mind control and imploded. The result was something like a 24 track bedroom demo under the St Pierre Snake Invasion moniker. That was about 4+ years ago. Damien saw the bright lights of (err…) Bristol and headed over the Severn Bridge. A debut EP ‘Flesh’ came out in 2011 (great sleeve) and showed things were building – not with the song writing, that has been unprecedented from day one, but with the production, the presentation, the dynamics and delivery.
Cue April 30th 2013 and believe me Everyone is Entitled to St Pierre’s Opinion – Call The Coroner almost takes the piss out of Whole Lotta Rosie with its opening, but then flings that song back on the motorway and drags us down a rough dusty track to some ramshackled shack to beat the living shit out of us (see the video below).
If you’ve been lucky enough to escape injury free from one their incendiary shows, then you’ll know that this gem of an EP is just as dangerous. I’m sure they tell the Stone Roses to fuck off in one these songs, and if you get in their way they’ll tell you to fuck off too… ace…