I know nothing about Seazoo apart from having them jump out at me late on Saturday when they were played on BBC Radio Wales by Adam Walton. So I’m gonna research this band while I play the EP.
They’re singing something like ‘Let’s Kill The Cat’ in the incredibly short and incredibly catchy No Wrenching of Guts This Time. It sounds like something off the Sub-Pop label which is a laudable description in itself.
Ahh, Carp and Man, that’s the track that bit me, again, more hooks than a fisherman poaching at a Trout Farm, it might be lo-fi (or made to sound that way), but it’s high on quality and brimming with happiness and fun, like a BBC reporter outside some Royal hospital in London!
And how fucking ace is The 5 o’clock Club, with it’s ELO style synthesized and indecipherable voice? This a post-Teddycore explosion and it’s happening now (as their facebook page will tell you).
Their page also states ‘Recordings have been sent to Metalwork Hobby Magazine and Steam Railway Magazine. Llinos, Ben and Dai wait for the replies.’ – And that kinda sums up the entire feel of this EP / band – they don’t take themselves too seriously, but they’re seriously good and what they do.
Let’s take Bumbler – it’s a summer soundtrack, driving over the Horseshoe Pass in a VW Convertable with the top down in glorious Technicolor.
A great little EP (rel 12.04.13) and can be yours for three nicker from here