(by Ash Cooke)
Indigo Sky
There are a hell of a lot of bands in the world aren’t there!
Every suburban rehearsal room seems to be choked up with trendy young groups desperate to be the next big thing.

Pavement spotted it when they sang ‘music seems crazy, bands start up each and every day. I saw another one just the other day, a SPECIAL new band’. I always loved the way that Malkmus sarcastically threw in with disgust that line about every new band being ‘special’. Why! With a swanky new haircut and a neat pair of jeans who’s band wouldn’t be special!! But original? …… Nah

Personally I have to admit that my own musical taste has become somewhat eclectic over that last 10 years or so. I prefer music that dares to push boundaries. Music that doesn’t compare itself with anything else and just stands alone. To be fair, I’d be happy listening to the sound of a fart in a colander if it came on cassette in a handmade sleeve, so sitting down to review a band that have the likes of Snow Patrol & Muse mentioned as their inspiration initially made my knees jerk a little higher that usual!!

I’m serious about this writing lark however so I set out to discover more about Indigo Sky before listening to their tunes and blindly writing ignorant and unfounded judgments based on my musical deficiencies .

Whilst it turns out that Indigo Sky do have quite nice hair cuts they don’t actually seem set themselves up as being ‘special’ or the next best thing which is something of a relief. In fact their band biog is frustratingly understated and has no mention of Muse or Snow Patrol at all which is also something of a relief.

Indigo sky are just busy being themselves which is the most important thing in my eyes and their new EP, ‘Between Here And Where You Want To Be’ is packed full of charm and promise. Producer Marc Joy (Oasis, Primal Scream) has recorded the band without over cooking the tunes and the whole thing sounds pretty fresh.

Learning that they cover the Arctic Monkeys in their live set will probably hint more at the bands direction than those other two bands I mentioned before and I think that for a group which is only a year or two old they are musically exactly where they should be. Exploring approaches and finding their feet. Indigo Sky are a great band and the EP really shines. I hope that the next year or so will see them discovering more of their own voice. Definitely one to watch !