Dave Cox and Joe Hovis had a drunken conversation about filming a video for my band Braxton Hicks‘ song ‘Gone Fishin’ a song about and dedicated to the memory our pal Johnny Williams and we wanted to get as many of his mates in the vid and just have a bit of a party really!

Here’s the song!

the video is going to be in 3 parts then it’ll be edited etc.

Part 1 – 14:00 at Johnny’s memorial bench in Old Colwyn. We want to film people getting their hands sprayed orange and sitting at the bench and drinking and just having a bit of a party down by the prom

Part 2 – 15:30 in and around The Dudley Arms in Rhyl (now known as the Cob and Pen) same set up as part 1 but just a different location….

Part 3 – Offas Tavern in Prestatyn – we have a gig here in the evening and we are going to use this in the video….we need a crowd!

let us know, the more the merrier!!

bring booze…. with caution as we’re not too sure what the laws are…especially in Rhyl with all this environmental officer knobheads knocking about…