I have a funny affair with Zebedy‘s music, sometimes they annoy the fuck out of me and other times I find them inspiring! It’s one of those mental block things I guess; I played their previous album ‘Exist’ to absolute death, so much that they sit 35th in my Last FM overall playlist, and when you consider how much music I actually listen to, then that’s no mean feat!
So Marionette has sat there looking at me from the inbox, and grumbling every now and then, ‘Hey Crud, are you gonna review me or not?
The answer is ‘No.’ ha ha…

Low volume does not do this album justice at all, to coin a phrase, it needs to be cranked up really high. It has highs, it has lows… sometimes over indulgent, sometimes uneccessary extra riffage chucked in when a song would’ve been better ended, but more times it’s banging and fat in your face. They have tunes pouring out of them, which accounts for the short interludes like To Whom It May Concern, World Outside, Silver Strings, Still Water, What Lies Beneath. And it conceptually runs seemlessly from one track into another; the mark of a lot of hard work in the studio and rehearsal rooms.

Zebedy should fall outside the remit of my musical sphere, but they are a guilty pleasure and when they kick the fuck out of a song, that song really does feel like it’s had the fuck kicked out of it, You Can’t Fake It being a prime example as it scrambles up that mountain to the peak, then finds another peak beyond that, before gliding along nicely. All good stuff, but no time to rest as Grey To Gold is waiting in the wings to leap out, grab the baton and run like the wind, more like a thunderstorm… etc etc…
Yeah it’s a pretty decent album, even Pink Floydy at times (final third of Post Script), which’ll do for me.