Vermion Suicides

Yeahman! It’s… The Vermin Suicides (antipop records)

Time will sedate ya, it’s human nature…
Love that song, can’t get it outta my head. Vermin Suicides are a typical Liverpool band insomuch that you’ll have to go to Liverpool to see them! You’re not likely to see them down your local, unless that local is the very excellent Mello Mello venue or The Lomax.
Yeahman! It’s… The Vermin Suicides is as eclectic as the individual band members themselves. Guitarist Paul Robinson was in Stun The Guards, Robbers Dog, and Dutch Porn Thursday with drummer Tony Whitehead. And vocalist/guitarist brings his 0898 influences to the fore.

They’re by far not just another punk band, although the album is firmly embedded within the echelons of punkdom, you’ll find plenty to pique your interest and sing along to. My pick of the bunch is the very excellent Human Nature with it’s very hooky football terrace chorus. Danger To Know is very much from The Coral  /Scouse songbook, while State of The Art wouldn’t be out of place being belted out by Stiff Little Fingers. Keep The Beat is a rousing, tap along, jump along, stomp along tune, like 999 at their best – I know comparisons are lazy (and inevitable) but essential here to display the fact that Vermin Suicides are a fucking great band with influences drawn, usurped, blatantly lifted and inspired from up and down the alternative spectrum – but they still have their own sound. OK, let’s chuck in the Clash for good measure, Cocksparrer, and a touch of psychobilly-punk with the galloping Banzai.
A great album, by a great band – worth travelling to Liverpool for…
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