Evil Blizzard

Earlier on this year I got to play on the same stage as the mighty Goldblade in Preston. Also on the bill that night were local anti-heroes Evil Blizzard. Now if you have been following the recent activity on the link2wales Poll you’d be forgiven for imagining this band are nothing more than hypesters; y’know, a band full of ego, self-importance, with a great publicity machine, but very little substance.
And you’re almost right; apart from the last bit…

Their set on that night in Preston was jaw-dropping to say the least (and I’ve seen nearly 1700 band sets – and counting) – it was a once in a lifetime experience, and one I’m probably reluctant to experience again for the shock and awe felt that night won’t be felt again.
So YOU too must see to believe…! (Here, read the gig review).

Evil Blizzard 8It wasn’t just the visual hallucinogenic trip they took us on that night – it was backed up by 4 bass guitars, drums and synths playing a fucked up tribal genre of TV static space punk – it was quite simply fucking ace.
So The Dangers of Evil Blizzard (and their hype machine) is wholly justified at being unashamedly pushed upon you and your whalebomb of a sister… It’s trance inducingly addictive!
You are kidnapped and taken on a Spunkship journey into the Womb of Oblivion. The lysergic corpse of Syd Barrett is DJing in the cockpit, he’s mixing Hawkwind, Inner City Unit and PiL. There’s a schoolboy band in the brig trying to be all post-punk while Druids in pyjamas march on the spot and point at a TV screen showing repeats of Noel Edmunds’ Deal or No Deal – they’re chanting ‘Open up the red box, open up the red box,’ over and over…

This album is fucked up… You can be too…

Buy it here from Louder Than War