‘We are the Super Fast Girlie Show and we don’t wash, and once you’ve heard us you’ll never wash again.’
I love filthy rock ‘n’ roll, garage rock ‘n’ roll, and Super Fast Girlie Show set their stall out right from the word Lube and boy do you need lubrication, as you’re in for a rough ride. Expect to get your ankles chained together and hooked onto the tow-bar of a clapped out flatback truck and get dragged across the roughest terrain for the full 18 minutes of this 10 track 7″ vinyl album!

It’s hard to believe this was recorded as a two piece – just drums, bass and vocals – they’ve since added some flesh to their bones and expanded to a 3-piece. There are a few such bands knocking around, the very excellent 2 Sick Monkeys immediately spring to mind, and the equally entertaining Clay Statues, and all 3 sound very different to each other…  SFGS are full on shouty bastards, and intent on making a fucking racket super fast (definitely not girlie).

The picture in my head is a shack of a garage deep in the mid-west, the type you see on American films, where a weirdo comes out from the back in a check shirt, covered in dust and oil, and behind him is his brother, who is also his dad, with a shotgun. One of them says ‘This ain’t no fucking 1980s’ and they both look like they could do unimaginable things to you . Those two are the Super Fast Girlie Show.

All Hooves and Cucumber, which is an ace title for an album has been out for a couple of years and, if you’re shit at catching onto things immediately, like I am, then you need this as a precursor to their imminent follow up. By the time you’ve recovered and drawn breath from the last track, the next one is already half way through.
‘We’re freaks!’ they scream, spitting chewed tobacco in your face, while a famished mongrel is tugging at your jeans. ‘You don’t wanna be another little freak like me,’ – those are last words you hear before a 9″ monkey wrench crushes your cheek bone, but they’re far from finished with you…

SFGS have a reputation for relentless live shows – this is a relentless mini-album with a huge filthy sound…  Just make sure you don’t find the need to call at their garage… But if you have to, make sure you have £5.99 at the ready, beg for forgiveness and ask the very excellent Antipop Records to send you a copy of this fine release…