Boreas y Gogledd
Seven or eight years ago, the BBC, in their naivety allowed me to ‘sit in’ for Adam Walton and do his show whilst he tanned his pale torso on some sun soaked beach. Naturally, Adam was nervous, as a man with such immense talent was filling in for him (heh heh!) and he might not have a job to come back to!
To ensure that this would not be the case, he selected a session to be broadcast in his absence. This was back when Radio Wales had enough money to afford artists weekly sessions. The session was by Y Boddwr, it was (at the time) absolute bollocks, unlistenable and (I later learned) Y Boddwr was that maverick twat, Johnny R under yet another guise. I bet both he and Walton had a great laugh as I struggled to make sense of 15 minutes of white noise, static and engine sounds. Even the powers that be at the Beeb down in Cardiff phoned the studio in Wrexham while it was being broadcast to see if ‘Everything was all right.’
Of course, with Johnny R you can never suss out whether he’s the genuine article, a complete piss take, a psychopath and/or an axe murderer… And that’s why he’s so intriguing.

All this bollocks has little significance with Boreas Y Gogledd, but it’s good to tell a tale or two (and ham them up a bit)… Well ok, there is a significance in the fact that I could have gone back in time with this album ‘Pont’ and played it instead of Y Boddwr and got the same non-reaction. That’s not to say Pont is a pile of shite; far from it, and it has spurred me to dig out the original minidisc of the Boddwr session that I lifted from the BBC, which, oddly enough they’ve not requested the safe return of.

Boreas Y Gogledd (The Northern Lights?) is/are Ectogram‘s Alan Holmes; that anti-music, anti-hero from Bangor who has made it his mission in life to be an outstanding contribution to non-Welsh, non-music since 1979 – and long may this non-ness continue… Major chords? Fuck off. Melodies? Fuck off. Conventional instruments? Fuck off… in fact just Fuck off…
Are you looking for some toe-tapping excitement? Yes? Well you can fuck off too…

With his network of subverts from untrendy European countries, Alan has teamed up with Norwegian chainsaw masochist Ronny Wærnes to produce this quite extraordinary album (only 50 copies available from Turquoise Coal), which is more of a work of art. It’s industrial music without the music, it’s Mank without the ank, it’s Parking Non-Stop‘s backing tracks, it’s the soundtrack that never made it onto Erazerhead, it’s your worst nightmare and it’s also essential for the future of underground music…
Available as from 21/6/13