Black Prism
My erstwhile colleague Richard Jones at Sheltered Life PR down in Cardiff, was kind enough to send me the forthcoming single by LA based chopper riding, homicidal axe murdering throbbing rockers Black Prism.
As a taster to their debut album for Easy Rider Records early next year, Satan’s Country will not only whet your appetite, it’ll turn you into a slobber chops. With those valve amps stacked up and cranked up really high and a mic at the opposite end of the room, this track is straight from early 1970’s Sabbath; in fact if you were told it was a long lost Black Sabbath recording, you’d probably not question it.
Proper grimy, rock ‘n’ roll, straight from a chromed up baffle-free exhaust on a custom built bike – but hey! Why should I spend my time describing it when you can hear it right here!?

Out 31.08.13 – It’s available for pre-order here for a special pre-sale price of $6.66.

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