Like drunken sailors of the fucking sea, we were destined to see The See See at The Castle Hotel in Manchester. Well… to be honest, we were going to see the Wobbly Hearts who were in support of them really, as they made our hearts wobble earlier this year at North By North Wales in Bangor.
Then, within the space of 20 mins the jungle drums beat out that not only had Wobbly Hearts pulled the gig, that Future of The Left were also playing across town. For a brainless twat like me it was a no brainer really – the Wobs will be in Bangor in July anyway, so an opportunity to catch up with FoTL couldn’t be missed (see review).
That thronging sweat pit of a punk rock gig finished incredibly early and we were able to hot wire a Fiat Uno, run over someone’s Westlifed bingo wings and gatecrash Ted’s Cloud Sounds party at the Castle. The miserable twat wouldn’t put us up for the night as he had pre-arranged a charades orgy with the band (pic below) and Welsh love-piss-shit would’ve stained his posh cream carpet. We were offered a gang bang at Secretaire‘s wheely bin lair, but still feeling sore and no deeper sense of love, we instead opted for a hotel in Warrington, and despite Lenny fucking Henry constantly telling me it’s only £29 a room – IT NEVER FUCKING IS…

We managed to catch the last 20 minutes of The See See set after swapping insults with a bemused Ted and we got a whiff of the expected indie-pop that we had first heard on Cloud Sounds Radio, but also (oddly) The Levellers before they jammed out at the end – I love jam-outs and The See See do it well.
They were either really good or I had been spiked as the endorphins swam around my perinial area and prompted me to swell the already bulging record collection with their wares. Ten quid later I was on Fountayne Mountain happily clutching yet more vinyl, No.44 of 750 to be precise, and all the better for owning it. Like their set, The See See trip the slight fantastic and sledge through the popular indie songbook as if they were performing a compilation album, and yet they do hold it together to cling onto their own identity.
Well worth seeking out… (click pic)

And while you’re at it give Ted’s Cloud Sounds radio show a listen for some educational advice with a heavy leaning toward Welsh based indie stuff (his pronounciations are getting better – just needs to learn english now…)