When it comes to colloquialisms, ‘Iawn Cont’ is probably up there with the best of them – ‘Ok cunt?’
Tim and myself snuck out for a few cheeky pints in Upper Bangor on this Friday night; couldn’t go crazy as we both had work to do and vehicles to drive on Saturday, and with the police being extra vigilant as the festivities begin, then we didn’t want to find ourselves on the end of a seasons beating the next morning.

I asked Tim if he’d come along and watch a couple of songs by Sarah Louise in Paddy’s Bar. We had a couple of pints and took in a couple of songs, and I do find myself being more tolerant of folky stuff these days, and must try and blag a copy of Sarah’s new album ‘Dreamcatcher.’ Sarah was also the rose amongst many thorns when we performed as Welsh Rebel Outpost a few weeks earlier.

We were drawn to Y Glob [The Globe] by some noisy guitars, to find Y Howling Black set up and ready to go. To be honest I thought I was tripping watching this ramshackled ensemble of drugged out homeless tramps playing before me! Do people like this really exist?! It was like seeing Nik Turner’s Dad snorting Vim! And it was a real shame they only played covers, cos I fucking hate covers bands and tribute bands, but the sad thing is, it’s these type of bands that draw the crowds and they’re the only musicians these days who can earn money at this low level.
Anyway, it was good for a giggle…