Dead simple video for a dead simple, but very catchy song – Never Kill Yourself (the video) took about an hour to record. We cleared a space in my works warehouse, locked off a section, lined the floor where we could play within shot and set the camera up to be in one position.
We filmed ourselves playing the song 4 times with the idea of cutting back and forth to make a simple vid.

Earlier in the day, I went a little crazy like that guy on Close Encounters who builds a mountain out of mud in his living room, when I photocopied random words from the song and printed off loads of copies and taped them all together so Joe could stand in the middle and look up to the camera whilst ranting and raving.
We did also try him and Gwion in a long coffin type cardboard box, and although very funny, it didn’t fit in for the video – it landed on the cutting room floor!!

I wanted a grainy effect for the vid, and decided to use the warehouse lights rather than go for a darker feel. And instead of going for black n’white, or sepia, I opted for a grainy red tinge, which I think works well. The background ‘projection’ of Joe works nicely too; if you don’t mind me saying so…
Anyway… Judge for yourself…!


And while you’re at it – you can buy a copy of the EP here for £2.50 (inc p+p)