Spillers has been there since the start of RSD and is proud to be participating in yet another celebration.  This year sees more limited releases than ever before, along with the usual DJ sets, live performances and whatever else we can squeeze in to the day!
We are in the process of scheduling our events for the day and setting our opening time for the event.

Check back for more info about opening times, line up, releases and more.
We are @spillersrecords on Twitter for instant updates as news rolls in.

THE RELEASES are more plentiful than ever which makes our job of selecting what to stock a little tougher… so do let us know what you’re interested in.  Strict RSD rules mean (as always) we are unable to reserve or put items up for pre-order.  You simply need to be in the queue on the morning of the 21st to get hold of these.

THE FULL LIST of releases can be found here :  IMPORTANT ::::

This list has gone through (and will continue to) a number of amendments with additions as well as things being removed.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for you to check this list if you are after anything specific on the day.  We will endeavor to get a Spillers RSD list together, HOWEVER there are 15+ suppliers to order from and these are still on going in to the next week and a bit.

We’re delighted to see some strong Welsh presence from JOHN CALE, FUTURE OF THE LEFT and McLUSKY.  A CATE LE BON / GRUFF RHYS split 7″ has just been added to the list too!


Post RSD we have some more frolicks in store with Cate Le Bon marking her album’s release with us.  Time of in-store still to be confirmed. Pre-order CYRK now!!