Bangor born, Blaenau bred Gai Toms releases his second LP, a double album. ‘A double album?’ I hear you say… Yeah…
CD1 has you imagining Gai meandering through the slag heaps of a grey Blaenau Ffestiniog to the bleak grey concrete hell of Trawsfynnyd Nuclear Power Station and poking rain sodden camp fires in the black mountains of Snowdonia playing his Joe Strummer / Dan Amor style acoustic guitar. The album weaves its wistful way with stars and circles towards the title track Bethel.
Fucking love the duet on the opening track… It’s worth the entrance fee for that alone

CD2  is a different affair ranging from folk to a dash of hash reggae to a Jona Lewie sprinkling of christmas on Diwrnod Eliffantod, to pop tart rockesque Tan Oer or the Maffia-ish Awyr Las.
The Anweledig influence of his 90’s ska band leaves its mark like a faded tattoo on the album without necessarily stamping all over it. In fact you’d be a better man than I if you can actually pin Gai down to an actual genre. The Gai’s all over shop, even chucking traditional daytime Radio Cymru jock-rock in there on Stiletos Gwydr, and 70’s style US TV show theme music on Glaw Yr Haf. He is the Super Furry Ffestiniog Animal of 2012 and you should click here and buy this eclectic release and make it a welcome addition to your collection.