If you’re an avid listener and follower of music, you’ll have heard this single recently on 6music, and even Radio 3! – If you’re not a follower of music you’d have also heard it on Radio One! And congratulations to Dan Amor for getting the airplay he deserves.

As I said in my review of his recent album ‘Neigwl’, there is, maybe bizarrely, a Bauhaus mantra feel to these songs, particularly the title track Lakeside and Yr Anhaeddiannol (The Undeserving), which are both lifted off the said release. Not that there anything wrong with Bauhaus (quite the contrary actually), but it’s easy to dismiss Dan as just-another-folk-singer, of whom there are far too many! He isn’t, which is why I like his stuff.
Having said that, new track Mehefin (June) is a happy-go-lucky two minute folk song designed to make you forget that we had an April shower that continued right through the whole of June!
Cygod Oren is given two remixes by AL-PHA-X and again is formed around a mantra, only this time fuelled by mushroom tea.
Available as a download only on 13th August 2012 from Recordiau Cae Gwyn, iTunes etc.