Also known as Bamber. Fifth bass player for Sons of Selina, performing in York & Rhyl. Drafted in from his band Supermania in 1998 after Robin blew the Sons out on the week of Pigstock 98. Former member of Sympathy Jones, Stale Elvis, Slouch and Pocket Venus.

Name & Nickname –
Chris ‘ Bamber’ Bainbridge

Date and Place of Birth – 6th March 1974. Bolton, Lancashire

Instrument/s – Bass guitar. Rhythm guitar. Vocals. Keyboards.

Current Band – None. Living in London. Running own website and contributing to Link2Wales from time to time.

Previous Bands by year –
1991-1993 – Sympathy Jones (Vocals/bass)
1994-1995 – Stale Elvis (Bass)
1995-1997 – Slouch (Bass/bk. vocals)
1996 – Perry (Bass/bk. vocals)
1996 – Lemon Sole (Bass/bk. vocals)
1996 – 1997 – Slide (Bass/bk. vocals)
1997 – 1998 – Supermania (Bass/bk. vocals)
1998 – Sons of Selina (Bass/bk. vocals)
1998 – 1999 – Pocket Venus (Rhythm guitar/keyboards/bk. vocals)

Instrument of choice – Rickenbacker 4003 Bass

Favourite Gig Played – Penrhos College (500 screaming teenage girls. Oh yes)

Favourite Venue Played – Tivoli, Buckley

First Gig Played – The Greenlawns Hotel, Colwyn Bay. 1991

Trivia – The name ‘Bamber’ was given to Chris by Pocket Venus bassist Naldo due to the amount of useless information he used to come up with.
Chris organised and staged a charity gig at the Arcadia Theatre in Llandudno. Bands featured included an embryonic Frank’s Dad and PSST. £200 of damage was caused and subsequently not a penny of the takings went to charity. The gig was the last show to be performed before the Arcadia closed its doors for the last time in 1992.
Chris was a founder member of Pocket Venus along with Chris Yates, Naldo
Algieri and Steve Jones.
Chris once turned down a job working for V2 records in London cause he
couldn’t be arsed making the hour long journey every day.

Most Memorable Event – ‘We (Pocket Venus) played at the Red Eye in London; it was a good gig with a good audience including Mark from Catatonia, Jon Lee from Feeder and Matt Priest from Dodgy. After the gig we hung out with them, I think Naldo has a picture of it somewhere.’